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King’s Real Estate and Property Society (KREPS) is a student society that acts as a platform for students to engage with the property industry and the many other areas it directly intersects (e.g. law, investment, asset management).

Founded in 2014, we realised that there was an acute under-representation of property-related student organisations in both KCL and other British universities. Property is an indispensable industry that not only serves as a staple investment instrument for families, but also comprises the very physical places people can live, relax, and work in.

Therefore, we believe that it is essential that there is a student society that gives a voice to this indispensable slice of the economy. In this process, we also wish to provide students interested in property with opportunities to network with industry professionals and to most importantly have fun!

We have three main focuses: Knowledge, Networking, and Careers. We wish to better inform students about the nature of, and opportunities within the property industry and we welcome students of all degrees and backgrounds.

Our events are ideal for meeting students across different departments and are a great way to meet potential employers.

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