King's Real Estate and Property Society

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King’s Real Estate and Property Society (KREPS) is a student-led society that acts as a platform for students interested in the real estate, property, and other affiliated industries to pursue careers and activities in said sectors.

Founded in 2014, we realised that there was an acute under-representation property related student organisations in both KCL and other British universities. Housing and infrastructure play many important socioeconomic roles, including but not limited to providing living/working spaces for people and acting as a major tangible investment.

Therefore, we believe that it was crucial to fill in this void and to establish a society that gives voice to this dynamic and ever-evolving industry. In this process, we also wish to provide students interested in property with opportunities to network and put their foot in the door.

Become a member

Being a member of our society comes with its perks. Our members will be the first to receive information on potential internship and job opportunities (in both property and related industries), have their CV’s be fast-tracked and prioritised ahead of non-members, priority and ensured seating in KREPS events and more.

Please note that Standard memberships are for students of King’s College London only, whilst Associate memberships are for non-students. Click on the link below to join us now.

Our sponsors

Without our strategic partners, running and hosting our events would not be possible. Please click on the organisation or company’s logo to learn more.

King’s Entrepeneurship Institute

What we strive for

Our society has three main focuses: knowledge, networking, and careers. At its core, KREPS is about providing all students with more information about the property industry, regardless of whether students are interested in a property-related career path or not.

Furthermore, KREPS events provide an opportunity for students to meet new friends and potential employers. Through these connections and interactions, students are better equipped in entering the property industry and engaging with real estate and property.